Most recently, I was the Co-founder and CEO of OODA Experimentation Technologies, where we were focused on pricing carbon into the capital markets by accelerating the decarbonisation of residential property and energy systems. We built a range of products in service of this vision, including a predictive AI tool and multi-sided marketplace for residential energy efficiency, and an AI product to replace Adobe’s PDF data extraction tool, which enabled us to reduce the risk involved in acquiring land for renewable energy development. You can read our post mortem here.

Before this, I built a product that predicted consumption patterns of consumer goods, held exec positions at high-growth companies and worked in management consulting. I’ve also written reports on sustainability, impact investing and microfinance, and co-founded an education programme for girls. I studied Political Economy at King’s College, London, where I was fortunate to be a Desmond Tutu Scholar.

I have an active interest in the mind-body connection and invested in ice bath / breathwork company Othership.

Alongside my work, I enjoy cycling, lifting weights, running, and being in the sea or on a mountain.

I live in London. Get in touch on Twitter or send me an email: hi [at] ellie-howard dot com

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